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James Prosek book signing at Urban Angler

Tuesday, November 18th from 5-7pm

Book Description: From the Oxus trout of eastern Afghanistan to the small golden brown trout of British chalk streams, James Prosek has dedicated his unique painting talent to bringing to life trout from around the world, several of which are the few remaining of their type. Prosek has a passion for trout and conveys their beauty with the stroke of his brush in this collection of nearly 100 gorgeous watercolors. The text provides a historical profile of each fish along with personal reflections by the author. Prosek savors the beauty of various fishing spots, along with the fate of the species, contemplating man's role in the extinction of animals. Both sensitive and informative, Trout of the World is a must for the library of the recreational fisherman as well as the ichthyologist. About the Author: James Prosek wrote his first book, the best-selling Trout: An Illustrated History, while he was an undergraduate at Yale. Since then he has illustrated and penned five more, including The Complete Angler and Early Love and Brook Trout. When not chasing trout, Prosek lives in Easton, Connecticut. James Prosek, now 28, has been a successful author and artist since publishing his first book, "Trout: An Illustrated History", when he was only twenty. The first of its kind book featured seventy paintings by Prosek of the trout of North America and was published in Prosek's junior year at Yale University. "Trout" sold more than 80,000 copies.In addition, his first gallery show of original paintings from "Trout" was a sell-out. ?õProsek's success was chonicled by newspapers including "The New York Times," which coined him the "Audubon of the Fishing World" in 1994. Feature stories and extraordinary reviews followed within the pages of "People," "Sports Illustrated," "Sports Afield," "Life Magazine," "The New York Times," "Boston Globe," "LA Times," "Men's Journal," and "Country Living." Television appearances included NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, CBS Sunday Morning, CNN, and NPR's "All Things Considered". Before graduating Yale, as a senior, Prosek published his second book, "Joe and Me: An Education in Fishing and Friendship," which won him acclaim as a serious author. Reviewers including Christopher Lehman Haupt of "The New York Times" and renowned literary critic Harold Bloom. The success of the first two books lead to high demand for Prosek's original artwork which continues to be sought after by collectors around the world (he is currently represented by the Gerald Peters Gallery in NY and Santa Fe, and the Craig Krull Gallery in LA). The success of the first two books also stimulated interest from Harper Collins Publishers, who published his third book, "The Complete Angler," and in March of 2003 "Fly-fishing the 41st" which chronicles his travels around the world on the latitude line of his home in Connecticut, 41. In the course of those travels, Prosek navigated often politically turbulent and sometimes hostile places in search of native trout to paint. One hundred of those watercolors of trout from Europe, Asia, and North Africa will be released in book form this October by Stewart Tabori and Chang (a division of Abrams). In the summer of 2002 James wrote and co-produced a one hour film about his fishing trip to England in the footsteps of Izaak Walton for ESPN, which won a Peabody Award. James lives currently in Easton, Connecticut and is a frequent contributor to the New York Times. When James is not writing or painting he plays guitar and sings with his band, the Troutband. The trout of the world book is a catalog of one hundred watercolors of native trout from europe asia and north africa....from the Caspian Sea to the Tigris river, the Atlas mountains of morocco to the mongolian steppes, from the kola peninsula to iceland and spain.  •

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